Defining Creative Success

About Jess

I’m comfortable working in a wide range of channels, including print design, brand identity, web design, and digital marketing, in agency and in-house settings. I specialize in creative problem solving, big-picture thinking, and obsessing over details to refine the customer experience.

I’m located in Waterbury, CT but I have experience wrangling time zones. What do you need me to create for you?

Let’s get started!

Information + Motivation

Graphic design is a language that combines artistic talent and the psychology of communication. Too often, the two sides of the design brain don’t meet, reducing the effectiveness of the end product. Personally, I find both aspects equally exciting.

With each creative problem I’m called upon to unravel, I strive to:

  • Ask the right questions;
  • find the most concise, effective solution; and
  • remain both adventurous and attentive.

Honesty + Authenticity

Positive human experience is a regular on my list of goals for a project. A strong believer that deceptive advertising can be the exception, not the rule, I work hard to build humanity into the end product. This places the priority on the connection over the sale, creating long-term customer relationships, loyalty, and brand familiarity.

Passion + Compassion

The only thing cooler than doing good work is doing good work for good people. Good design gives a louder voice to organizations and individuals working to make our world a better place, and I can’t help but make myself a part of it.